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To The Sky is a reunion of two of the most experienced and innovative Progressive Trance producers out there. The world renowned vibes of Israeli Yonatan of A.K.D. along with the extraordinary musicianship of Brazilian Thiago Pinheiro merge to create a rare melodic atmosphere that will move the heart and soul of all Psychedelic Trance lovers.

To The Sky is an absolutely full and real LIVE that flows magically from the Dance-floor with profound sensibility and a revolutionary feel. Through a constant manipulation of sounds, the music is created in real time to realize a truly spiritual experience. Music that elevates, TO THE SKY is a journey of deep and emotional melodies and climaxes, where improvising with the crowd is the key element.

A partnership of two black-belts full of spontaneity and richness of detail, TO THE SKY is the ultimate combination of A.K.D.’s worldwide Trance Festivals experience and Thiago Pinheiro’s involvement with musicians such as Stevie Wonder. A divine and engaging LIVE that makes the Dance-floor fly away, TO THE SKY celebrates past, present and future in a highly interactive performance, a unique vision that sets a new standard of production for Progressive Trance.



Feytor also known as ProtoActive, a project with great originality and concept of Prog-Trance.

"The Dude" is a Deep Psychedelic Trance Experience Project by Edi Alterman.

2Minds are the 2 brothers Shauli and Miki Ifrah coming from north of Israel.