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Shanghai Project is Brazilian producer Thiago Pinheiro’s evolutionary step in the fusion of electronic music and jazz. In a context where usually only previously recorded material is heard, his groundbreaking concepts that combine technology and musicianship as never before reach a whole new level of improvisation and real time creation.

With a unique approach that journeys through several eras and styles, the SHANGHAI PROJECT is mainly influenced by Eletro and merges soft and intense beats, emotional and melodic textures, to world-class instrumental and synth solos. Thiago Pinheiro’s playing overflows with exceptional sensibility and innovative harmonies and elements, making way for a new level of mastership in the electronic music world.

In over 25 years of profession as musician, composer and producer, Thiago Pinheiro is a constant seeker of new sounds and techniques, and has shared the stage with masters such as Stevie Wonder, Hermeto Paschoal, and Israeli Trance producer A.K.D., being higly praised wherever he goes. His vast experience and divine talent are all showcased in the SHANGHAI PROJECT, a highly interactive, flexible and creative performance that is sure to captivate all audiences, be it in the Dance-floor, the Chill-out, or the main stage of Jazz festivals."



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