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Quantum is the psychedelic music project by Gidi Snapir - One of the pioneering Israeli trance Dj since the early trance era. Quantum has released 4 featured albums on B.N.E/YoYo Records, Trancelucent & Phonokol Records.

Quantum's music is driven by emotions whirl pooling in a psychedelic vortex deep within his mind. Quantum takes us on a journey into the night and on to the morning. Quantum's new 5th Studio album is scheduled to be released next year. The new album would follow the footsteps of his 4 previous studio albums which were widely listened too and played on every major dance floor around the world.

Gidi also produces Progressive/Electro oriented tunes under the act name "One Night Stand". Over the last decade, Quantum performed at festivals, raves and small underground parties around the world. Quantum released during the years many tracks & compiled several compilations cds. So as this year unfolds you can be certain to find Quantum on a stage near you, and he is not something you would like to miss.



Minimal Criminal is a Psygressive Trance project from Brazil currently based in Israel

InterSys are Moshe Maman and Omri Azran from Israel. Established in mid-2006.

"The Dude" is a Deep Psychedelic Trance Experience Project by Edi Alterman.