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Behind the project Peace Maker, stand two brothers, Tal (38) and Idan (26) Adi , from the city Beer Sheva , Israel. Peace Maker. Project was established in 2007 when the guys decided that they should join forces on creating music together, to develop a unique and different sound. Peace Maker music can be described as Psychedelic Full On, powerful, with major influences from different aspects of genres, Techno, Electro House, Rock, Classical, Ethnic, and more.

In the last 3 years Peace Maker as developed their style and sound production, creating a style that can be described as their own trade mark! Psychedelic full on trance, uplifting grooves trough major influence from Electro House and Techno, using all this to create something different, emotional and sophisticated. Peace Maker have already released music on a variety of top international labels such as Planet B.E.N Records, Y.S.E Records, Millennium Records, Nutek and more and have performed live in countries such as Austria, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Israel and moreā€¦

In 2009 Peace Maker released their debut album "Everyone Equal" on Phantasm Rec. which was a big success and spread their music around the world. They also released remixes such as: Sun Project - I Feel (Peace Maker RMX) which was released on Sun Project's remixes album, U-Recken & Nitro - Eternity which become one of the biggest dance floor hits around the world, and received major support from well known international DJ's. Their track "New Goa Tec" was released on "The Time Is Now", a compilation by Pain Killer from Nutek Rec. in This days both Tal and Idan are working on spreading their sound, spending most of their time working at the studio creating and improving their sound and style.



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