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Hernan Arber (AirNaN) is the man behind these two outstanding and ground-breaking Trance Projects. Hernan was born in Mexico, and started his musical education at the early age of 4, studying organ & clarinet in the National Music Conservatorium. He made a big name for himself as Mindelight in his years in Mexico and then re-located to Israel in 2004, where AirNaN was born.

Mindelight is a Funky-Trance Band that Blends Rock, Funk, & Blues Elements into a Stomping and Melodic electronic Music best Appreciated in the Morning. After Several Releases in Labels like YSE, AP Recs, MP Recs. & even TIP, Mindelight Presented Their Debut Album: “LIGHT THE MIND”, which was published by Phonokol in 2006, creating excellent responses and great reviews..

AirNaN is Hernan’s Newest Project, a whole new musical proposal in a progressive style. Presenting a new powerful edge in his Sound and slower BPMs, AirNaN is a Mind-Blowing Experience: Groovy, Inspiring, and Deep, just like the feeling you expect at a great outdoor party when the SUN is at its brightest. With Remixes for Neelix, Mindelight, and Ananda Shake, AirNaN is surely a project that is reaching to a whole new audience, wider, more demanding and eager for fresh sounds.



Bitkit hails from Belgium, with its rich electronic music history. As a youngster.

Pragmatix - Uema Jorge. is a musician that born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Quantum is Gidi Snapir - One of the pioneering Israeli trance activists.