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Etay Harari from Israel is owner of Digital Nature Records and one of the veteran producers of the world's progressive trance scene.,Etay perform and recognized under 3 different artists names, and two styles / genres , Psy Progressive Trance and also Prog / Tech house.

ETIC - one of the 1st progressive acts from israel ,that inspire and influenced many young producers worldwide , With 4 albums and many other releases and performances worldwide.

He is one of the most experienced active trance musicians in Israel. Etic perform as Live act and also brilliant Dj set.



A.K.D is a deep progressive trance project, created in 2001 and based in Israel

The amazing Future Prophecy is Haggai Elazar, a software engineer with passion for music

Tassos Antoniou is responsible for this astonishing act. Born and raised in the capital of Greece.