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Territory: Israel

Bitkit hails from Belgium, with its rich electronic music history. As a youngster he got classical schooling in different instruments. Psytrance was discovered in 2000 and it was 'love at first sound'!

His music is described as roaring powerful full on trance, a combination of pumping original basslines and a deadly accurate kick. Stuffed with crispy fresh psychedelic anthems, you get a mindblowing soundscape which will leave any dancefloor begging for more! Throughout his long career he has received support from all corners of the globe. He has performed all over Europe, even reaching as far as Asia.

His lasting urge to optimize his studio expertise made this creative mind evolve to another level of production. The result you can hear on his third full album at Dacru Records.



Tassos Antoniou is responsible for this astonishing act. Born and raised in the capital of Greece.

InterSys are Moshe Maman and Omri Azran from Israel. Established in mid-2006.

Behind the project Peace Maker, stand two brothers, Tal (38) and Idan (26) Adi.