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Basic is Shahar Fahima & Benny Fisher. Together they refine and re-define the meaning of Psychedelic progressive trance. Mid-range BPM alongside massive production & fresh musical composition skills turns their music into something unexpected. BASIC are one of the biggest hope the global trance scene has witnessed for quite some time, their unique style can be heard & recognized from miles.

Benny. Born in 1974, started his psy music days early in 1998 he formed the “DIABLO” project . Together with Avihen Livna (a.k.a COSMA r.i.p). in 2003 he released a track under the name “ExperienceX” whice was a tribute to COSMA. Shahar, Born in 1982 studied composition & music theory and started to make electronic music at the age of 15. He experimented with different kinds of sounds & genres and become DJ at age 21.

BASIC`s debut album released on 2007 on the legendary BNE/YOYO records. The album exploded into the global psy scene and since its bin constant output of releasing tracks as well as playing live on almost every trance party on the planet. They released tracks in major labels such as Ministry of Sound, HOMmega, Alchemy, Millenium , YSE, Sirius, Crystal matrix, Doof, Utopia, & many more. They collaborated with top artists such as Timelock , U-recken , Atomic-pulse, Echotek , Bliss, D-addiction & more to mention.



InterSys are Moshe Maman and Omri Azran from Israel. Established in mid-2006.

Tassos Antoniou is responsible for this astonishing act. Born and raised in the capital of Greece.

Minimal Criminal is a Psygressive Trance project from Brazil currently based in Israel